About Torpa

We do good work at affordable prices

Hi, I'm Anthony- I founded Torpa Digital after I permanently relocated from Australia to Toronto, Canada in 2017.

I specialize in creating digital solutions that maximize value, I find the best value technologies and digital strategies for your stage of growth.


Torpa was founded in 2017 to bring innovative eduTech and digital automotive products to North America.

  • http://dashdealersystems.com

Dash Dealer Systems

Unique Stock Display System

Searching for cars is difficult, especially on mobile. Dash simplifies the user experience so your customers can find what they want, or alternatives if you don't have an exact match.

  • http://baselinelearning.io

Baseline Learning


Baseline prepares students for standardized testing. Baseline tracks, trains and reports on student progress so they can find and improve their baseline literacy, numeracy and writing.

Torpa Consulting

Digital & Startup Consulting

Digital and startup consultancy. Working with proven experience and lean startup methodology to deliver quality MVPs



350 Queen St W, Toronto ON


+1 647-313-2745
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